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Lessons from a Pizza Joint

The infamous slice of pepperoni and sausage pizza

Who knew a pizza joint could remind me of such an important lesson?

Recently, I ordered a pepperoni and sausage slice of pizza from one of my favorite pizza joints. I couldn't wait to add a bit of parmesan and a touch of oregano for flavor. Since the pizza is typically a pretty large slice, I imagined how I would fold it in half and tilt my head to the side for the first oozy bite. It would surely burn my tongue because I couldn't wait one minute to allow it to cool. When my order came to the counter, there were two slices. I looked on in astonishment and a bit of a grin - one slice was pepperoni and the other slice was sausage. Then, it dawned on me. While I thought my initial request was clear, the receiver of my message heard something different.

This experience reminded me that clear communication is key, especially as a #communications professional. While I thought my order was clear, there was a bit of muddle in it when it reached the receiver's ears.

It's easy to assume we're sharing the right message, but sometimes the receiver hears something different. By being clear and concise in our messaging, we can ensure it is understood as intended.

Both the cashier and I laughed and the order was quickly corrected. When I went back to the same pizza joint the next day, the cashier smiled as I walked in. She knew exactly what I was going to order and she asked me if I posted about our fun mix-up. Funny how we built a relationship over a slice of pie.

Let's all take a page out of the pizza joint's book and strive for clearer communication in our personal and professional lives. Agree?

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